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About us

Welcome to DDL

DDL is a competent manufacturing company offering a broad variety of services. We commit ourselves to high-quality products, fair pricing and excellent service. Responding to all customer requests regarding pipeline construction, DDL has been able to serve clients from various sectors: energy providers, public utility, installation and industrial companies as well as planning and engineering offices.

DDL – a strong partner

This focus on customer wishes combined with our flexible delivery service make us not only a strong but also a reliable and fair partner.

In keeping with this principle, we are looking forward to your next request. Talk to us – we set standards!

DDL production – we cut with heart & brain

Take a tour through our production facility at
Borsigstraße 26–28
D-73249 Wernau

We certainly don’t take credit for someone else’s work – our products are manufactured in our own facility. We invite you to visit our company!

<b>Everything under one roof</b><br /> Planning – development – construction – production – assembling – delivery<br /> …with state-of-the-art CNC machinery
<b>Here, we customize your requests</b><br>CAD construction
<b>Laser cutting machine "Zinser 1225"</b><br> 4-KW CNC high-performance solid-state laser for steel cut
<b>Rubber parts - serial production</b><br>3 CNC water jet machines with 3,800/4,000 bar working pressure for elastomer cut
<b>TIG / MAG welding plants</b><br>Modern TIG/MAG welding technology makes our products “tight against pressing water”
<b>Front wall sleeve with fixed/loose flange </b><br><br>
<b>Assembly of compact seal inserts</b><br>As a matter of course, our seal inserts are subjected to quality control after assembly
<b>Assembly/finishing of Ring-Seal annular seals </b><br>We execute your orders directly after receipt
<b>State-of-the-art two-component injection molding technique</b><br>We work with extremely soft sealing materials
<b>Year of construction: 2012 </b><br><br>
<b>Elastomer injection molding machines </b><br>4 elastomer injection molding units for a special color request
<b>Finishing of PQZ wall sleeves </b><br>Exact measuring to fit the wall to be installed in
<b>Network-supported logistics </b><br>We keep you informed about your delivery via mail
<b>It’s urgent? </b><br>No problem for our team!