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Wall sleeves

Fiber cement wall sleeve
Dimension*200 mm250 mm300 mm350 mm400 mm500 mm
* corresponds to inside diameter in mm
DN 8014,7918,4922,1925,8929,5936,99
DN 10015,8519,8123,7727,7431,7039,62
DN 12517,3821,7326,0730,4234,7743,47
DN 15022,3627,9533,5439,1444,7255,90
DN 20025,4431,8138,1744,5350,9063,61
DN 25028,6135,7742,9250,0857,2371,54
DN 30034,4243,0151,6160,2268,8286,03
DN 35049,7762,2174,6587,0999,54124,42
DN 40057,2771,5985,90100,22114,53143,17
DN 45069,0386,28103,54120,79138,06172,57
Dimension*600 mm700 mm800 mm900 mm1000 mm
* corresponds to inside diameter in mm
DN 8044,3851,7859,1866,5873,96
DN 10047,5655,4863,4171,3379,25
DN 12552,1660,8569,5478,2386,92
DN 15067,0978,2689,45100,62111,81
DN 20076,3489,06101,78114,51127,23
DN 25085,85100,16114,47128,77143,08
DN 300103,24120,44137,64154,85172,06
DN 350149,31174,19199,06223,95248,83
DN 400171,80200,43229,07257,7286,33
DN 450207,08241,60276,11310,61345,13

More sizes up to DN 1200 on request.
50 % extra charge for longitudinally split wall sleeves