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Blind plug for corrugated cable conduits with smooth or corrugated internal wall

Two-component construction

  • Core made of medium-hard EPDM elastomer
  • Cover seal ring made of extremely soft thermoset elastomer
  • Wing nut made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide with brass threaded bush
  • Flange pressure plates made of stainless steel V2A / AISI 304
  • Screws made of stainless steel V2A / AISI 304

Due to this combination and layout of materials, moderate pressures are exerted on the cable conduit and cable deformations can be prevented.

The use of assembly tools (screw wrench or torque wrench) is not necessary. Tightening the wing screw will exert the necessary pressure force. A visual inspection will make sure that the seal insert is sitting correctly – a red bulge will appear between the internal wall of the cable conduit and the flange pressure plate.

cable outside diameter
cable inside diameter
BV outside diameter
screwspressure tight
bar / mWS
installation depth
635352M 81,0 / 1040
756463M 81,0 / 1040
1109392M 101,0 / 1040
160138137M 101,0 / 1040

Further sizes available within short delivery times on request

Price list
item numberKabu outside diameter
Kabu inside diameter
list price
493-0063-030635354,06 €
493-0075-030756466,78 €
493-0110-0301109380,56 €
493-0160-030160138125,08 €