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Pipe-Seal Hybrid

Pipe-Seal Hybrid
Seal insert 50 mm

Compact seal insert particularly suitable for:

  • Thin-walled plastic pipes
  • Plastic-covered pipes (district heating)

Our Pipe-Seal Hybrid (PE) is a seal insert is a two-component construction with an external round frame of medium-hard solid rubber and an internal seal insert of soft thermoset elastomer.

The medium-hard solid rubber core absorbs the compressive or pressing force and transfers and distributes the medium. The soft inner ring acts as a seal towards the carrier pipe.

The extra soft seal insert adapts itself perfectly to the surface of the carrier pipe. High compressive or pressing forces are not necessary. A cold flow, which leads to cross-sectional tapering especially with polyethylene-(PE)-pipes, is nearly ruled out.

Even with a low torque of the screw connection, the seal insert sits firmly in the annular space (against pressing water and gas) as it adheres very well to the surface of the carrier pipe. The insert can be installed without any special tools (torque wrench) by visually inspecting the edges of the pressure flange (red bulge).

Utility model

Compact seal insert 63 mm
Compact seal insert 50 mm

Pipe-Seal Hybrid now also available in split version

Extra charge: 15 %

Product assets
  • Low screw torque
  • Cross-section stability for PE-pipes
  • No delayed retightening
  • No special tools needed
  • Fast, secure and easy installation
Technical data
core-drilled holecarrier pipe OD [mm]item nameitem number
DN 8032PS-PE 80/32490-0080-032
DN 8040PS-PE 80/40490-0080-040
DN 10032PS-PE 100/32490-0100-032
DN 10040PS-PE 100/40490-0100-040
DN 10050PS-PE 100/50490-0100-050
DN 10063PS-PE 100/63490-0100-063
DN 12532–90PS-PE 125/32–90490-0125-030
DN 15032–110PS-PE 150/32–110490-0150-030
DN 150110PS-PE 150/110490-0150-110
DN 16032–110PS-PE 160/32–110490-0160-110
DN 20032–160PS-PE 200/32–160490-0200-030
DN 25032–200PS-PE 250/32–200490-0250-030
DN 30032–260PS-PE 300/32–260490-0300-030
DN 35032–300PS-PE 350/32–300490-0350-030
DN 40032–315PS-PE 400/32–315490-0400-030
  • Pressure flange and connecting elements made of stainless steel
  • Round frame made of solid rubber
  • Seal insert made of thermoset elastomer with excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal properties
Test reports

Pipe-Seal Hybrid company certificate

Price lists

Pressure level 3 bar, single-layered – 30 mm EPDM, V2A/AISI 304


item numberitem nameCP/OD*
max. pipe Ø
core-drilled holeeuro
* CP: carrier pipe / OD: outside diameter
** DSP 150/110 fits cable penetration DSP 150
490-0080-032Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 8032 mmDN 8018,02
490-0080-040Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 8040 mmDN 8018,02
490-0100-032Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 10032 mmDN 10020,14
490-0100-040Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 10040 mmDN 10020,14
490-0100-050Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 10050 mmDN 10020,14
490-0100-063Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 10063 mmDN 10020,14
490-0125-030Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 12532–90 mmDN 12549,13
490-0150-030Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 15032–110 mmDN 15070,97
490-0150-110Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 150110 mmDN 15070,97
490-0160-110Pipe Seal Hybrid DSP 150**32–110 mmAD 16070,97
490-0200-030Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 20032–160 mmDN 20083,00
490-0250-030Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 25032–200 mmDN 250119,04
490-0300-030Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 30032–260 mmDN 300172,52
490-0350-030Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 35032–300 mmDN 350205,27
490-0400-030Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 40032–315 mmDN 400267,49


item numberitem nameCP/OD*
max. pipe Ø
core-drilled holeeuro
* CP: carrier pipe / OD: outside diameter
** DSP 150/110 fits cable penetration DSP 150
590-0080-032Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 8032 mmDN 8020,72
590-0080-040Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 8040 mmDN 8020,72
590-0100-032Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 10032 mmDN 10023,16
590-0100-040Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 10040 mmDN 10023,16
590-0100-050Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 10050 mmDN 10023,16
590-0100-063Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 10063 mmDN 10023,16
590-0125-030Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 12532–90 mmDN 12556,50
590-0150-030Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 15032–110 mmDN 15081,62
590-0150-110Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 150110 mmDN 15081,62
590-0160-110Pipe Seal Hybrid DSP 150**32–110 mmAD 16081,63
590-0200-030Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 20032–160 mmDN 20095,45
590-0250-030Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 25032–200 mmDN 250136,90
590-0300-030Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 30032–260 mmDN 300198,38
590-0350-030Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 35032–300 mmDN 350236,06
590-0400-030Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 40032–315 mmDN 400307,61

Pressure level 5 bar, double-layered – 60 mm EPDM, V2A/AISI 304


item numberitem nameCP/OD*
max. pipe Ø
core-drilled holeeuro
* CP: carrier pipe / OD: outside diameter
492-0080-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 8032–40 mmDN 8032,75
492-0100-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 10032–63 mmDN 10048,04
492-0125-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 12532–90 mmDN 12566,60
492-0150-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 15032–110 mmDN 15096,08
492-0200-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 20032–160 mmDN 200112,46
492-0250-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 25032–200 mmDN 250161,59
492-0300-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 30032–260 mmDN 300233,65
492-0350-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 35032–300 mmDN 350278,66
492-0400-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 40032–315 mmDN 400362,04


item numberitem nameCP/OD*
max. pipe Ø
core-drilled holeeuro
* CP: carrier pipe / OD: outside diameter
592-0080-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 8032–40 mmDN 8038,21
592-0100-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 10032–63 mmDN 10055,68
592-0125-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 12532–90 mmDN 12577,52
592-0150-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 15032–110 mmDN 150111,36
592-0200-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 20032–160 mmDN 200129,92
592-0250-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 25032–200 mmDN 250186,70
592-0300-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 30032–260 mmDN 300269,67
592-0350-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 35032–300 mmDN 350321,46
592-0400-060Pipe Seal Hybrid PS 40032–315 mmDN 400416,90

More sizes and special sizes on request
Additional drilling on request