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Container entry

Container entry – BEF Snap-in
BEF Snap-In

elastic container entry, tight against pressing water

Fast and simple installation:

  • No welding
  • No additional tightening elements
  • No glueing

  • Tight against pressing water up to 10 mWS (1 bar)
  • Possible pipe alignment up to 30°
  • Very good cohesive property
  • Low level of hardness – high elasticity

Thermoset elastomer with excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal properties.


Special geometry for self-adjustment (without additional tightening elements).

Inserting the carrier pipe will lead to cylindrical expansion of the inside cone of the container entry as well as of the outside cone, which wedges itself into the drilling and stays fixed.

Technical data


Item nameCP/ODCD/ID
BEF 20 - 4020 mm40 mm
BEF 25 - 4025 mm40 mm
BEF 32 - 5032 mm50 mm
BEF 40 - 6040 mm60 mm
BEF 50 - 7050 mm70 mm
BEF 63 - 9063 mm90 mm

quantity unit: 10 pieces

CP: carrier pipe / OD: outside diameter
CD: container drilling / ID: inside diameter