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Pipe-Seal Senso®

Pipe-Seal Senso®
Utility model, patent applied for

Compact seal insert particularly suitable for:

  • Thin-walled plastic pipes
  • Plastic-covered pipes (district heating)
  • Corrugated/flexible pipes

Our Pipe-Seal seal insert is a two-component construction with the carrier/core component made of medium-hard solid rubber and a covering element made of soft thermoset elastomer.

The medium-hard solid rubber core absorbs the compressive or pressing force and transfers and distributes the medium. The soft cover acts as a seal toward the carrier pipe, the core-drilled hole or the wall sleeve and toward the sides of the pressure flange (including the screw threads).

The extra soft cover element adapts itself even to extreme carrier pipe surfaces without difficulty.

Even with a low torque of the screw connection, the seal insert sits firmly in the annular space (against pressing water and gas) as it adheres very well to the surface of the carrier pipe. The insert can be installed without any special tools (torque wrench) by visually inspecting the edges of the pressure flange (red bulge).

  • Pressure flange and connecting elements made of stainless steel
  • Carrier/core components made of solid rubber
  • Cover made of thermoset elastomer with excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal properties
Visual inspection (forming of a bulge) instead of torque
adaption of the elastomer to the pipe surface
Technical data

Pipe-Seal Senso data sheet – PDF file

Test reports

Pipe-Seal Senso company certificate

Tender specification texts

Pipe-Seal Senso tender specification text – Word file

Pipe-Seal Senso tender specification text – PDF file

Price lists
Item numberitem namecore-drilled holeCP/OD* euro
* CP: carrier pipe / OD: outside diameter
450-0100-063Pipe-Seal - Senso PS-100-63DN 10063 mm141,52
450-0125-075Pipe-Seal - Senso PS-125-75DN 12575 mm152,10
450-0150-110Pipe-Seal - Senso PS-150-110DN 150110 mm169,29
450-0200-140Pipe-Seal - Senso PS-200-140DN 200140 mm259,23
450-0200-160Pipe-Seal - Senso PS-200-160DN 200160 mm259,23
450-0250-175Pipe-Seal - Senso PS-250-175DN 250175 mm345,20
450-0300-200Pipe-Seal - Senso PS-300-200DN 300200 mm469,53